Negative Pressure Magnetic Therapy Vacuum


12 gears, 800 mAh

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  • Electric Cupping Set Suction Sha and take the pot, the magnetic heat warm moxibustion has great suction, and the Sha will be released in seconds.
  • Cupping Therapy Set Intelligent breathing tank pull, strong and stable suction, vacuum centrifugal negative pressure air pump, fine 12-speed force can quickly relieve Sha, one-click pressure relief breathing tank pull & easily meet different needs.
  • One-button start, long battery life. The negative pressure is continuously output under high energy consumption; the built-in large-capacity lithium battery is fully charged once a day, and it can be used for more than a week.
  • Vacuum Cupping PI conducts heat, and hot compress massage penetrates layer by layer. Aerobic tank pull, massage is better.
  • 20min intelligent timer shutdown, visual perception of the whole process of massage, 20 minutes of massage can rest at ease


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